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Are you tired of sifting through unhelpful online video tutorials? Do you want to avoid paying expensive consulting fees or paying for unhelpful online courses? Do you have clients who need more WordPress help than you can provide? Supercharge your capabilities with one-on-one training and support.

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Supercharged WordPress Private Training Classes in Orlando, FL

Custom WordPress Training Classes

Looking to build a WordPress website but don’t have any experience with WordPress? We’ve got you covered! Our WordPress website training packages are designed to provide you with the best on-demand private WordPress training. Unlike online courses that cover too much irrelevant content, our training is personalized and tailored to your specific needs. You won’t have to worry about following a rigid structure that doesn’t fit your requirements, as is often the case with WordPress classes. Skip overpriced and outdated classes held by non-experts and useless online courses, and get the best value with our training packages. Additionally, you can benefit from our Training and Support Plans even after your training class is over.

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Our training style is designed to help clients of all skill levels become proficient in using WordPress. Our experienced trainers provide personalized guidance and support, teaching clients how to manage their own WordPress websites with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, our training services can help you unlock the full potential of WordPress and achieve your website goals.

“The technical support provided at Afteractive is next level. Any questions we may have, big or small, the Afteractive team has a solution. Not only this, but they take the time to show you / walk you through the solution so you gain the skills necessary to start becoming more proficient yourself.”

Casey Maguire

Marketing Director, Leadbetter Golf Academy

“The process was easy due to guidance and directions from Afteractive. Each step of the way, we were given explanations for changes and tutorials on the updates we needed to make.”

Michelle Hendrix

Marketing Coordinator, Andrew General Contrators

Real World Experience Matters

Free online WordPress tutorials can’t solve your exact problem. Consult an expert who can train you to solve any challenge.



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Providing WordPress Support & Training

Supercharged WordPress Support

WordPress Help and Training Plans

We offer affordable monthly plans for ongoing WordPress Support and on-demand training. Save thousands of dollars by skipping bad advise from outdated training classes, useless online courses, irrelevant online tutorials, and expensive consulting fees.

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per month

Supercharged Essential Support

For website owners who need WordPress help a few times per month.

Does not require site access.

WordPress Tutorials Video Library

Live Chat Help and Support

30 minutes of private training

4 training support requests

2 custom video tutorials

1 design review


per month

Supercharged Pro Support

For website managers who need WordPress a couple times per week.

Site access is required.

WordPress Tutorials Video Library

Live Chat Help and Support

45 minutes of private training

6 training support requests

4 custom video tutorials

3 design reviews


per month

Supercharged Team Support

For website managers or agencies who need frequent WordPress support for their clients.

Site access required.

WordPress Tutorials Video Library

Live Chat Help and Support

60 minutes of private training

8 training support requests

6 custom video tutorials

6 design reviews

Text Message Support / Slack Connect

Our two-week no-commitment trial period for $24 Includes 15 minutes of training, one support request, and one custom video tutorial.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for all plan purchases. Try our product confidently; if you don’t like it, we’ll make it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

About our WordPress Help and WordPress Training Services

Got a question? We’ve got you covered! Check out the resources below and let us know if we can answer anything else.

SuperchargedWP is a custom video tutorial and one-on-one WordPress training service sold as a subscription product.

Yes! We offer a live chat during business hours, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday. We also offer text message support for anyone on our Team plan.

We can assist with both WordPress.com-hosted websites and self-hosted WordPress sites.

Afteractive, an Orlando-based web design and development company specializing in WordPress since 2012, created SuperchagedWP to assist more professionals struggling with using WordPress daily, many without help other than a handful of unhelpful online tutorials on YouTube. People learn better from live interactions that allow for clarifying questions. It’s this method of learning that brought the need to create SuperchargedWP.

Yes, we offer website maintenance, security, and hosting through Afteractive’s WordPress maintenance and support plans. Our website care plans include managed hosting, CDN, SSL, firewall, backups, uptime monitoring, website edits, and fixes.

It’s common to need custom coding for design changes. Reach out to us if something is beyond your skill level.

Right now, we only operate during business days and business hours, 9 am-5 pm. As our service expands, we hope to offer this in he future.

We don’t carry over support or training time. Our services are designed to meet your monthly needs and evenly distribute our training time and resources. Hence, rolling over quotas is usually unnecessary.

Support requests can be made through your account portal or by emailing us. We’ll send you all of our support contact details after you sign up.

When you send us a how-to question, we’ll record our screen and send it back, walking you through the steps on how you can do it. Custom tutorials are usually 5-minute-long videos.

A technical fix is often an error that breaks a page or prevents some functionality from working, such as editing a page or section.

A design review is a request for us to review a webpage and offer any design advice. If we suggest changes, we may make some of the more advanced adjustments for you.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all plan purchases. The only exception is our two-week trial purchase, which is not eligible for refunds.

Yes, you can cancel anytime—no long-term contracts or commitments. You can try us out for 14 days for only $24.99.

No, a trial period is only offered once per company/individual.

A support request for your WordPress website is generally a request for help related to a problem you are trying to solve. It could be creating a new section, changing your site’s menu, creating a redirect, or adjusting a style setting. Support requests do not cover fixing technical errors, programming changes, or plugin configurations. However, our Professional plan offers technical fixes if you need developer support.

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WordPress Training FAQs

How is your private training different?

Our WordPress Training classes are designed to provide you with personalized, one-on-one attention. During your training session, you will receive direct feedback and can ask questions. Our private classes allow you to schedule the training based on your availability and prevent you from wasting time learning things you already know, don’t need, or won’t use.

Is there a course for WordPress?

WordPress.org offers a free online course. The benefit here is that it’s straight from the source. However, if you are new to WordPress, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. SuperchargedWP offers a guided approach to helping you get going with WordPress training immediately, skipping the unimportant or irrelevant parts.

Where is it best to learn WordPress?

Personalized training from an expert is hard to find, but it is a very effective way to learn WordPress. We offer monthly training packages and remote WordPress training classes for non-developers, teaching users how to build modern WordPress websites.

What is the cost of a WordPress course?

Many free WordPress courses are available online, and there are various options for learning WordPress, such as online courses that cost between $50 and $150. However, most of these courses consist of pre-recorded videos that can be outdated and do not allow you to interact with an instructor to clear your doubts. You can also find traditional WordPress training courses in your area, where you can physically attend a virtual office, and a local instructor will provide you with a laptop or desktop with internet access. These courses can be expensive, costing up to $1800 or more. Our Supercharged Learn WordPress Training Classes start at $499, where you can interact directly with a WordPress expert instead of an on-call instructor. You will learn only what is required to perform better in your role and use WordPress optimistically.

What do I need for the class?

You’ll need an internet connection and a computer with a webcam (optional).

What if I’m not happy with the training?

Let us know after your first training, and we’ll refund you 75% of the costs.

How are your classes different from your free webinars?

With our free webinars, you and many others watch a live, scheduled presentation. There isn’t a hands-on exercise. In many webinars, you are muted and can only ask questions via the chat.

Why do you offer only 4 – 12 hours vs. the others that offer 16 hours / 2-day training?

We don’t believe you’ll benefit from taking a class that you have to schedule 2 consecutive days for and runs through things you don’t need to know or already know. We value your time and ours and make the best use of it. We provide a combination of custom videos created for you, our WordPress Training Library to reinforce the fundamental concepts of your training, and a live chat when you need us. Your instructor is also a WordPress design and development expert providing support for over 12 years.

Why is there a 2, 3, and 4-week limit for the Training Class Packages?

We require your course to be completed in 2, 3, or 4 weeks, depending on your training package, to ensure availability from start to completion. We don’t want to be overwhelmed simultaneously; we would rather be available when you need us and encourage you to finish your project!

How can you be sure one class is enough training for me?

Everyone learns differently and at different paces. After your training class, our SuperchargedWP WordPress Training and Support plans are available so you can continue your training and get professional WordPress support as often as needed. You can also purchase another class and continue your private training if you feel that’s best! In that case, we will create a custom training package for you.

What is your refund policy?

We will only refund your WordPress training class purchase by request if you have not engaged in our training after three weeks.